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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Samsung D900

Revolutionary communication.A mobile revolution. the Samsung D900! This slider mobile phone boasts an ultra slim and sophisticated design. Elegant contours and high-quality magnesium surface make for a perfect synthesis. Fascination at first glance is ensured by the black menu background with its striking white characters and convenient navigation keys. The first-class D900 is more than just an attractive phone. it's packed with the latest mobile technology. Take advantage of the innovative features and well thought-out applications which make this premium mobile phone so amazing. With this all-rounder, the world is not enough - because with quad band, you can be reached almost everywhere.
Some things are even more interesting up close. The Samsung D900's high-quality 3-megapixel camera is proof of just that. Its auto focus and macro function ensure sharp photos and excellent picture quality. Just like the 2.1" QVGA display, which shows the world in a new light with its nearly true-to-life picture presentation. Rediscover multimedia and record up to an hour's worth of videos in MPEG4 format. Send them to friends using the packet video service. Or send your pictures straight to a compatible printer using PictBridge mobile printing for immediate high-quality prints. So many unforgettable moments for you and your friends. With the D900 no day is the same.

Turn the world upside down while working with this mobile phone on a plane in offline mode. Synchronise your emails in MS Office or take a look at your documents using the file viewer. Whether for business or pleasure, you can easily transmit all your files, photos and films to a projector or present them on a TV or computer. If you need more storage space, the microSD™ slot allows you to connect an external memory card for up to 512 MB. Business is only business if you are well equipped. The D900 makes work easier so that you have enough time for the important things in life. Regardless of which continent you're on, you'll experience mobile freedom with the D900.

A Camera that's Always Ready Talk about fully loaded. This 3.13-megapixel camera has it all: auto focus, flash, 4x digital zoom, a mirror for self-portraits, timer, multi-shot and other photo effects. A phone-embedded camera that's always photo ready. Now that's a reason to smile.

A Recorder to Remember Get life on tape with the Ultra Edition 12.9's video camera. It's compatible with H.263 and MPEG4 video formats and records in 352x288 resolution with voice, at 15 frame rates per second. Translation? Stop time, start memories.

Easy Entertainment Don't compromise just because you're on the go. Now you can play MP3, AAC, AAC+, and e-AAC+ audio files, all with just a click of a button, on your mobile. The D900 is always ready to entertain.

Bluetooth Connect like never before, no wires attached, with Bluetooth. Transfer your files faster, without hassle and with greater ease. Enjoy content on headsets, speakers and other peripheral devices. It's all about options.

SMS with Style Express yourself! Spice up your text messages with colourful graphics that pop, whimsical designs, a huge offering of images, animation and melodies. Even enjoy how certain keywords translate into fun graphics that make your texts come to life.

Amped-Up Fun A mobile that does justice to your favorite tunes. Digital Power Amp offers higher audio signal amplification and greater audio output. This means music will sound better than ever.Sonic Backdrop Don't stop the music, ever. Press play and then continue to access your mobile's many features while music sets the stage. Multi-task to a mobile soundtrack

Connect for Work & Play Take the office with you. Access faster data rates and full connectivity options (including mobile printing via PictBridge) with Bluetooth 2.0 and high-speed USB. Feel like relaxing? Enjoy music via stereo headsets with Bluetooth's wireless technology.

Print, On the Go Get it on paper. With USB and Bluetooth, you can print your photos, messages and PIM files better and faster than ever.

Your 24-7 Assistant A palm-sized scheduler, phonebook, alarm clock and more. Who needs a secretary? Synchronize your contacts/schedule with your PC via a vCard and vCalendar. Eliminate chaos with PIM programs. Multi-task with voicemail and a hands-free speaker.

Behind-the-Screen Access Get on TV, literally. Whether you're in a business conference, making a presentation or enjoying your mobile photo album with the family, TV-out will display your content on any TV monitor.

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